Snoring Treatment Center of NYC is headed by Dr. David Volpi, the nation's leading solo practitioner in snoring and sleep apnea office based solutions. It was one of the first practices to focus on treatments that allow patients to rapidly resume normal activity with fewer complications than more invasive surgery performed in a hospital. Brief procedures that are well tolerated by patients are performed in the comfortable setting of our Park Avenue facility on New York City's Upper East Side.

  • The center was founded on the broad clinical and research experience of Dr. Volpi, who has cared for patients with Snoring and Sleep Apnea since the first surgical treatments were developed in the early 1980's.

  • At the Snoring Treatment Center of NYC we use minimally invasive techniques to treat enlarged nasal turbinates, sinusitis and polyps that worsen Snoring and Apnea.

  • We offer at home sleep studies in the convenience of your own bed.

  • Snoring Treatment Center of NYC can reduce snoring using "no shot" sublingual drops, a painless and rapid method to treat allergic nasal blockage.

  • Dr. Volpi is dedicated to helping patients who have failed treatment with uncomfortable methods such as CPAP and devices placed in the mouth.

  • Dr. David Volpi had performed hundred of pillar implants to alleviate his patients' snoring problems.
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